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Wonderful Customer Service in A Recession

There’s little question you feel the the stress. The world is struggling out of a recession. The markets violently reel on an almost daily basis. And your employees feel the stress too. A recent study found that 40% of American workers are indifferent about their jobs. Workplace morale is lower than at any point in modern American history. Employees have had benefits slashed, wages cut, and 401ks unmatched. They’re doing the work of at least one or two former colleagues who were either not replaced during the recession or just plain laid off. And yet, in the midst of all this drama, managers are trying to further differentiate themselves from the competition. They have to slice through the low morale, terrified customers and drab economic climate and still manage to do two things: 1) get more business, 2) retain current business. How are you going to do that? You have to manage the only thing you can manage: customer service. The Truth Customer service will differentiate you from the competition in any economic climate. However, right now, that difference is more obvious. The recession-it’s horror and aftermath-has exposed the companies that have poor customer service and spotlighted those that have legendary customer service. The difference between the customer service haves and have-nots is greater than ever. An article in a 2009 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek points this out: “If anything, the tough economy has made starker the difference between companies that put customers first and those that sacrifice loyalty for short-term gain. In this year’s J.D. than half of the top 25 brands [ranked by customer service] showed improved customer service scores from last year. Among the bottom 25…scores mostly fell.” Additional studies show that companies with high levels of customer service during the recession lost less revenue (or actually gained more revenue), than the companies that have traditionally low customer service reputations or rankings. The recession has made the customer service rich, richer; and the customer service poor, poorer. It has made customer service more important than ever. The Specifics Customer service is the ‘big thing’ that can make you different. How do you begin to improve your customer interactions right now? 1) Attitude – This is the most important part of excellent customer service. Every executive, manager, and front-line employee must have an attitude of ‘owning’ every problem. Every problem. You must personally follow the problem through to the end. You must realize that helping your member is your first job (even if your official title is teller, customer service manager or janitor). Your job is to help your member. Period. 2) It Is Your Job – If you’re a front-line employee or a manager and somehow you get a call about an IT or a technical issue, your first reaction is, ‘this isn’t my job.’ After all, you don’t know anything about the question they’re asking. Heck, you don’t even know what half the words mean in the question they’re asking. This isn’t your job. Wrong. Helping them is your job! So help them. If you can’t fix the problem, find someone who can as quickly and efficiently as possible. 3) Focus On the ‘Can’ Not the ‘Can’t’ – Never ever, ever say ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I’m not allowed.’ Who cares if it’s against policy to waive a fee or process the transaction the way they want it processed? Focus on how you can help the customer. Get creative; go talk to a manager, make an exception if possible, make phone calls to business partners to help them, even to competitors if you have to-whoever! Help them no matter what! 4) Warm Transfer v. Cold Transfer -Here’s what we mean. Have you ever called a business to explain a situation/problem, you explain it once, and they transfer you? ‘I’m gonna transfer you to Frank.’ Frank picks up the phone and you have to explain who you are and why you’re calling all over again. And if that person still can’t help transfer you; and the process of repetition and explanation and frustration repeats itself. That is a cold transfer. And it’s a major problem. A warm transfer goes like this: you call to explain a situation/problem. You explain it and the employee says ‘I’m going to transfer you to Frank, she’ll be able to help you.’ But instead of pushing transfer and forgetting you, this rep calls Frank herself, with you on the line, and explains to Frank what you’ve just told her. She does the work for you, so you don’t have to explain everything 47 times. That is customer service. 5) Dealing with a Frustrated or Upset Customer – If a member gets upset, diffuse the anger. Listen to them. Don’t argue. Resist the urge to justify and defend your business, colleagues or employees. Avoid using words and phrases like ‘but’ and ‘no’ and ‘I can’t.’ Show empathy by using phrases like ‘I understand how you feel, I’d be frustrated too if…’ or ‘I’m really sorry this happened, I can fix it…’ Above all, show them that you care. They need to see that you are sincerely on your side and you are trying to help them. 6) Employee Accountability and Learning – We talked earlier about low morale among American workers. Most workplaces in America have at least one or two indifferent employees. What can you do to fix that problem? We’ve written about this before at length, but here’s the gist: create a workplace culture of learning and growing. Sure, you can try gimmicks like parties and gift cards. That will work temporarily. But any morale boost that comes from a fun party won’t last. You must create a culture of learning (or pay everybody a boatload more money). You must provide opportunities for your employees to learn and grow. Provide training and opportunities to practice customer service and sales skills; and hold them accountable for what they learn. Manage What You Can Manage It costs 4 to 5 times as much to bring in a new customer then it does to keep an existing one. What’s the best way to retain your members? You guessed it! Customer service! You can’t merely ‘hope’ for loyalty. You have to ensure loyalty. You simply cannot afford to go out and replace members you have lost. You need to keep the ones you have. And the only way to generate customer loyalty is through customer service.

4 Main Types of Job Agencies Toronto


From temp agencies to traditional recruitment agencies to executive search agencies, there are so many types of job agencies Toronto agencies you can choose to use when looking for a job. Each of these job agencies serves different purposes and are unique in their own way.

The rationale of writing about these job agencies is to give you limelight about each job agency so that you can choose the right one. So, here are the four main job agencies Toronto you should know about. Check this page for more info.

  1. Temp Agencies.

Temp agencies Toronto also called staffing agencies do as their name suggests- they employ job seekers to work on a temporary basis.

Companies usually need temp workers in cases where the company is short-staffed, during busy seasons and other situations.

Some companies may need someone to accomplish a one-time project.

If you are hired as a temp worker, the period of work is predetermined, so you should be ready to take another job somewhere else.

Workers employed on temp basis are usually paid on an hourly basis, and sometimes the pay is higher compared to those employed as perm staff! The job agencies Toronto also pays your wages and any other accrued benefits in accordance to the agreed guidelines.

  1. Traditional Recruitment Agencies.

They are the most popular agencies nowadays. Here the person recruiting the employees is not paid unless their clients choose to employ one of the potential employees they bring.

There is also a replacement scheme and a rebate too which implies if they employ someone and resigns within a given period, normally three months, the recruiter should replace the employee without company incurring any additional costs or give back the fee paid.

So, for recruiters involved in this kind of recruitment, it is vital to get the right employee for the position and support them to get the job.

  1. Executive Search Engines.

This is normally applicable where you are looking for employees to occupy top positions where the competition and salary are pretty high. The service offered by the job agencies Toronto is known as retained recruitment. The company pays a non-refundable amount of money to try to “retain” a recruiter.

The urgency takes part in head-hunting which is usually time-consuming, but effective activity.

These Toronto agencies approach you directly and offer you a job for your consideration. In some occasions, the employee might be working in another organisation, and the recruitment agency has to “snatch” him and convince him to join a particular company.

  1. Specialists Agencies.

These agencies employ employees with skills in highly specialised fields such as;

  • Management.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Electronics etc.

They can work on contingency, retained or temp recruitment basis.

What I Can Teach You About Coupons

Points To Consider When It Comes To Online Savings

Nowadays you will find most people focusing on collecting coupons as they have found them to be quite helpful and you will find most people taking their time and researching more so that they can be able to understand the advantages of collecting coupons. One thing that you should know if you are a frequent shopper is to address, and she was that you collect coupons so that you can use them the next time you want to shop for items and you will find them being quite beneficial to you. Ensure that you take your time and check if you frequently receive coupons from their sites that you shop and if you realize that you do not it is important that you take your time and register yourself so that you can be able to benefit from the coupons as they tend to be quite helpful for any shopper. Ensure that you research thoroughly on sites that usually give their clients coupons because they tend to be quite helpful and it can be quite a waste of time if you shop on sites that rarely give their clients coupons. Most of the sites usually send their frequent clients codes that contain discounts on various items. It is important that you ensure that every time you get such a code, you list them somewhere so that you do not lose it as you can be able to use it when you want to buy the item that you have received a discount on

Always keep in mind that these coupons do expire therefore ensure that you check the expiring date so that you can use it before it expires. It is quite important if you ensure that you have a book whereby you can list the coupons are in a well-organized manner according to the item that is on offer and also when it is going to expire, and you will find that you will never miss using the coupon before it expires. You can never go wrong when you choose to organize them in such an order because at the end of the day you are the one who will benefit from it. If you get a coupon, you will realize that it is usually quite helpful as it tends to help you save money which you can be able to use in other things. Coupons are quiet beneficial and if you realize that you shop a lot in a particular site and you rarely receive coupons, it is important that you ensure that you enquire the reason so that you can know exactly what to do in order for you to be able to get coupons.

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The Art of Mastering Homes

The Important Aspect Played by Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are becoming more common and as the population is growing there are more elderly people who are enrolling in the facilities. The attitude towards the aged is changing in regards to living at an assisted living facility wherein the past it was taken as a sign of stigmatization, but as they continue finding it hard to complete house chores the reaction is becoming more receptive.Living in an assisted living community ensures that they are having better care and their siblings are having easier time to pursue their life opportunities. There are a number of reasons that facilitate an elderly person to be enrolled into an assisted living facility and the benefits of doing so are as follows.

Among the main benefits of the elderly being in a facility is to ensure that they have frequent exercise that will ensure that keep fix. It is much easier for the aged to take up exercises while in an assisted living facility compared to when they are living by themselves to keep fit. At the facility they are offered personal trainers to exercise and also find it enjoyable to do it as a group and also good for their health.

Another benefit of living in an assisted living facility is that they encourage interactions where the elderly can find new friends and have better interactions. By living around people that they find to be loving it ensures that they are living more health life by avoiding health conditions such as depression and mental illnesses. Also the interactions help in ensuring that they continue learning and having better experience of life which is also contributed by the trips that are organized by the facility around the year.

To have the aged in safe living environment it is better enrolling them in assisted living facilities since by living in private property and having two assistants might not be enough and safe for their life. There are additional assistant issues that one needs as he or she ages such as up or downstairs, getting into a shower or dressing themselves thus it is better to live in an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are also vital when medical emergencies occur since there is immediate attention since there are medics available 24 hours.

In conclusion, it is also beneficial to have an elderly person in assisted living facility since their meals are prepared early enough and have the necessary nutrients fit for their health.

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What Has Changed Recently With Laws?

The Role of an SBA Attorney.

An SBA refers to a small business loans that are offered by a private sector , it could be a local bank. Loans need to be guaranteed and in this types of loans , they are guaranteed by the united states small business administration. Loans get defaulted and as much as taking the loans was not with intention to default. In case you have failed to pay your SBA loan the bank reaches out asking for their payment. Failure to make any effort after that prompts the bank to collect collateral. The collateral ranges a lot of things that are owned by the defaulter , if there is money in another account at the same bank, then it will be absorbed to service the defaulted loan , other assets could be business equipment or homes in other circumstances.Business matters may sometimes make you to seek the services of a layer.

The law has allowed you as the borrower to have an attorney who will stand for you before the different agencies in charge of recovery of the loan should you default. In some instances people will hire a firm or an individual to represent them who are non-attorneys. In some nations when you opt to use non attorney representation you will be going against some acts that prohibit the use of the same. The reason behind making such representation illegal is that the non-attorney lawyers are believed not to have all it takes to advice the client in a accordance of the interpretation of the laws of the SBA agencies.

It is a requirement that the attorney representation you be a member of the SBA trade associations but you will find that most of the non-attorney representation are not affiliated with such associations at all. An SBA attorney needs to be authorized to practice by the department of treasury and the non-attorney representations will not have the authority. If you are looking to get out of that SBA situation , you need to hire a real attorney who will help you otherwise taking chances on unrecognized representation might disappoint. The grounds with which you will use to evaluate your lawyer should be based on these requirements. It is important to ensure that your lawyer has the experience needed to represent you.

It would also be wise to check their credentials and ensure that they are accepted by the department of treasury to represent you. Lawyers are known by their training therefore make sure that you verify what institutions your lawyer attended . The protection law groups will help in evaluating your case and explain the details to you, look them up and source your help from there. We don’t plan on ever needing SBA attorneys but in case you do, get them the right way.

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Why People Think Doors Are A Good Idea

Benefits of Buying Industrial Doors from the Experts Companies

In most areas there is usually the need to have a door installed. This is because there are benefits that are usually attained by just putting a door up. Safety is the common drive that makes people put up the gates. Most people put such doors for the things like the business and this is what gives one an assurance that the property in the shop is well secured because it will have to take a lot effort to have the distracters to take it down.

In the times that one wants an industrial door installed is necessary that one gets to seek assistance from the professionals. There are a number of benefits that get to be achieved when one gets into business with these professionals.

Quality doors are what the experts usually sell. This is a good thing because they get to be resistant to all the damages. This is because the material that is used in the making is that which cannot be easily torn down.

The best thing is that these professionals they do help with the installation of the doors. The necessary techniques that are usually used in the installation of the industrial doors the experts do have it. The teachings that one needs to have to be able to deal with the installation the experts do have it. Only that which is good is usually delivered by these experts because of all that which they have.

There is also the benefit of having an easy time to deal with these experts. The customer care in the organizations is of another level. This is because the staff are well trained to deal with the customers in the best ways. This is what makes the customer feel appreciated and served in the best ways.

The professional companies they have also been able to set up the pages such as the websites. This the site is usually important because it benefits the experts and also the customers. The worries of the customers about the doors they get to be well known. The experts dealing with the door selling they are the ability to deal with all that is needed so that they can be able to meet the needs of the customers.

The expert’s door company they also offer advice. They usually, help on with the information on how one should be able to get the best door. This is best because they get to give one the reasons and one manages to get the best.

The expenses are usually done away with when one gets to seek the help from these experts. There are no repairs one gets to deal with because they sell good doors.

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Decals? This May Help

Tips When Designing Car Window Decals

Using full size car window decals not just improve the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle but also, it serves a wonderful opportunity for advertising in just a fraction of a price. These see-through, perforated graphics are very easy to install but, the design part could be a little bit challenging. To ensure that you’re doing everything right, the following points are something you should be aware of.

Tip number 1. Measure your windows – without a doubt, this is the most important aspect when ordering car window decals but ironically speaking, it is where many people are making mistakes. Every car’s rear window is designed and measured differently and thus, there’s no standard size that can be used for rear window graphics.

If you have accessories on the rear window like a handle or windshield wiper, it is smart get the measurement where it’s located. This way, you are able to design around them. These measurements guarantee that the graphic is printed on large piece of material that perfectly fits to your window. This enables you to be certain that the trimmed part will fit exactly your window’s shape.

Tip number 2. Design accordingly – you can only start with the design part once you recorded the measurements. More often than not, the window of the car comes in a rectangular shape and it is where you will be basing the design on.

Many are trapezoid in shape or in other words, the bottom is wider than the top. As a rule of thumb, avoid putting any images or texts at the edge of your design as most likely, it’ll be trimmed off during the installation.

Tip number 3. Always work with the pros – it is so easy to get yourself into designing the car decals as it offers great amount of space for advertisement. After you design your piece, consider getting rid of 10 to 20 percent of it as this isn’t necessary.

Passing motorists will not have much time checking out your graphics and you do not want to overwhelm them with information. Well obviously, unless it’s necessary and absolutely relevant, that is when you should get it done.

You are already one step ahead by taking the time to read this article. So many car window decal customers aren’t measuring their car and not doing the design accordingly which can be pretty expensive. The reason for this is that, after sending the specifics you want for the project, some companies don’t double check it and just proceed with the work to be done. So before you proceed with the design, take time in measuring it.

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The Factors to Consider when Selecting a Packaging Company.

There are very many types of businesses that one can do. One good example is production. In most cases, there will be competition. Therefore, you need to utilize every resource that you have. One should focus mainly on marketing and customer’s satisfaction. This will enable you to outcompete your rivals. Through this, you will be dominant business in the market. Hence, things like packaging should be taken seriously. The way you package your products speaks to the customers. Customers will be attracted by a product that is properly and neatly packed. The content of the packaging material also has some role to play is the attraction of the customers. There are some businesses that design and pack their own products. However, there are those that prefer getting help from the professionals. These services are provided by the professional packaging companies.

The population of the packaging companies is quite high. This will require you to only choose one to work with. It is hence your responsibility to pick the best one. Choosing the best packaging form is very challenging. Fortunately, you can rely on certain tips. When selecting a packaging company, make sure that you consider the following factors. One of these things is the quality of packaging. It is important to have a high-quality final product. Hiring the best packaging company is the only way you can be assured of achieving this. You can tell if they are among the best by checking on the quality of packaging they do.

The customer service is another thing to bear in mind during this process. Everyone loves to be treated nice and with a lot of respect. Look for the packaging company that provides good customer service. They are the type of companies that prioritize on the interests of the clients. Stay away from those companies that do not show enough care to the clients. Another factors that need to be considered is the experience. One should go for massive experience in graphic and structural design. The variation in the experience in graphic and structural design is massive among the packaging companies.

The financial stability is the other thing that you need to put in mind when choosing a packaging company. Make sure that the packaging company you have chosen is financially stable. Reliability is the key word here. Similarly, you have to always remember to consider the price of the services offered. There are those packaging companies that provide these services at much-reduced prices. One thing that you should always remember that quality is not cheap.

These are a few things that a businessperson should look at before choosing a packaging company. There are more other things that one should look for in a packaging company.

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On Makeup: My Rationale Explained

Guidelines of Choosing a MicroBlading Artist

Microblading is often known as semi-permanent make-up or permanent make up. Microblading is known as creating eyebrows with the same pigment as that of the person doing it to achieve a beautiful look or the natural curve of the eyebrows. One of the toughest decisions made is where to get the microblading service done. This can be influenced by the place where a customer lives because they can have a few ideas from there. Because microblading is a delicate procedure it only needs to be done right for a customer to get satisfying and have enduring results as expected. Therefore the artists that does it needs a thorough research on the kind of results that he produces. Below are some guidelines a customer could use to decide on which artist to pick

Approval certification. A customer should know whether the artist has all the required documents to support that his business is legit. The microblading involves using sharp needles which the artist needs to prove that they know how handle and dispose them well without putting any customer in danger. In other different states, there are different rules like putting the certificates in -public for everyone to access hence it would raise an alarm if the artist does not comply. Another benefit of certification is that the client is at peace because they know the business is legal and the artist provides his services the best he or she could.

Good experience. This is one of the key factors to look at when looking for a microblading artist. There is no customer who enjoys bad service specifically with the microblading because doing a reverse of what has already been done is very expensive. Hence it is recommended that the customer be given the best service during their time. Knowing whether your artist is legit or not is easy. You may judge him according to his previous jobs and the number of loyal customers that he has. Thus a customer should know how good his artist is before being given the service.

Customers feedback Hearing what other customers have to say about the artist you are about to choose may put your mind at ease and hope for the best. It may also be the chance a customer gets to analyze the work of his artist before agreeing to be given the service by him or her. it is comforting to hear that previous customers liked what the artist did in them and are willing to come again another time. It will make the customer relax and wait patiently for her excellent results too. In conclusion, the above factors should be considered before choosing a microblading artist if you want the best results.

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Things that You Should Check in a Good Web Design Company

With the development and the improvement of the usage in modern technology, it is essential that you have a website for your business. No matter how good your business is on the ground it is also vital that you boost your online presence. This is because most of the clients are nowadays found online with introduction of smartphones, tablets, and laptops you can only catch up with them on the social media platform and other business sites. By the end of this discussion you will be in a position to know how to select the best web design company with the tips that I am going to give you.

To find the best company that can design your website you should look at their experience. Make sure that you hire the company that has been creating websites for some years in the past. As a result, they will be in a position to use their expertise to make sure that you get the best web design ever. In addition, they will take a short time to have your project done which will make you focus on growing the business. Therefore, you should ask for their portfolio so that you can check the number of websites they have designed before and if there is one with a specification that looks like yours. One good thing with this is that it is a reflection of how your website is going to look like in the end.

Apart from that, you should also ask for references from the web design company. One good thing with this is that it will show you the number of websites the company designed in the past. Many references is an indication of more experience, and that is the company that you should engage in your project.

License is also one of the essential factors that you should check when looking for the best web design company. Having a license is necessary as it shows some elements of professionalism. You understand that you cannot get a license before you undergo thorough training on web design as nothing comes on a silver platter. Apart from that, you will also be able to be confident that you are dealing with a genuine designer who knows what he is doing. This will prevent you from losing money by hiring scammers who can take your money for nothing.

Apart from that you should also make sure that you know their charges. You can take your time and shop around as you search for the best web design services that are offered at a reasonable price. Also, you should make sure that you put down the agreement in writing to make it official.

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